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Rumour has it … winning a Proper Award could be your biggest deal to date. 

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If your construction business is built on phenomenal customer service, you’ve got the foundations of a winner!

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From project management to design, you bend over backwards to help developers, investors, landlords and tenants with anything they need.

But now it’s time to help yourselves. Now’s the time to win some recognition for all your hard work and enjoy a night out you’ll remember.

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You might deal with numbers all day, but entering The Proper Awards won’t cost you a penny.

If you’re confident you do your best by your clients every time, get signed up in seconds now.

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When the spotlight is on HR, it’s usually because something has gone wrong. But with The Proper Awards, we’re changing that.

You work hard to make sure everyone can concentrate on their jobs. And we want to celebrate the hard work that goes into that.

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You make a house a home. We make an awards ceremony a celebration!

Join us for an awards party like nothing you’ve ever been to and promote your business to the best in the industry.

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You keep your cool through some stressful situations, but will you be so calm if we call your name as the Legal Supplier of the Year 2021 at The Proper Awards?

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The guardian angels of the property industry – when tenants and landlords need you, you’re there in a flash.

Now’s the time for you to get the praise you deserve.

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Take a break from helping your clients promote how good they are and do it for yourselves for once.

Sign up now and show the whole property industry why you’re the go-to in your field.

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No more Mr Middleman. It’s your turn for the spotlight.

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Entering The Proper Awards could be the safest assessment you’ve ever made.

With FREE entry and an easy-to-use dashboard to collect valuable customer feedback, it’s a no-brainer.

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Is your customer service structurally sound? If so, we want to hear from you.

Warning: there may be some minor repairs needed after the party.

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You make our lives easier, safer and save us endless amounts of time every year.

Get the recognition you deserve from the industry you power.

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So let's get you set up

Signing up is FREE and takes two minutes.

And get a move on! Entries for registration and feedback closes on 31st July.

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