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And why stop there?

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  • Tattoo it to your forehead (if you want to win that much)

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FREE to enter. FREE to win.

Unlike other awards, you don’t have to pay to enter, and buying six tables won’t mean you’ll win.

You don’t even have to come to the ceremony, but you’d be massively missing out if you didn’t. Trust us.

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How do we pick the winners?

Technically, we don’t. Your customers do.

To win your category, you must collect more positive customer testimonials than your competitors.

Hang on, won’t all the big dogs just win then?

No – the more members of staff you have, the more reviews you need to win.

Sounds fair?

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What about fake reviews?

Nobody is pulling a fast one here – all your reviews are checked to make sure they look legitimate.

We can’t give away our vetting process or you’d know how to trick us. Cheeky.

Just know we’re on it.

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